Correctional Officer Jobs In GA – Georgia

Georgia offers some good opportunities for anyone interested in being a correctional officer. Georgia offers an annual average correctional officer wage of $30,390. You must begin by submitting an application and taking the basic test with the Georgia Department of Corrections.

How to apply?

In order to apply, you must take a basic test with the GA department of corrections. You may set up a testing time by calling the GDC Job Information Line at 1-888 -343-JOBS. Atlanta area resident s, please call (404 ) 656-4593, or go to . Sign up for a testing time with the Department of corrections and fill out the application. The application is very thorough, so do not save it until the last minute. Finish it completely as soon as possible. Make sure that you have several good references and that you disclose any pertinent information up front.

Additional Checks

In addition to this test, you will be drug tested and submit to a background check. The background check is very thorough. It checks most, if not all, of your previous employment history as well as contacts all of your references.

The Interview

Once you take the test, you have to wait for an interview time. The interview is your standard job interview. You are questioned about your work experience, your work ethics, and your life by a panel of people who are involved in the decision making process.

After that, you will just wait. Once the initial interview is over, your information is sent to various correctional facilities. You will then be contacted for further interviews with people who work in the actual facilities. This is to be sure that you end up in the right work environment with the right people. The process can take a while. You may be interviewed by several correctional facilities before you find the right job, but be patient. The hardest part is the wait.

For further job openings in Georgia, search the Department of Labor website: . You may visit the Georgia Department of Correction’s website to learn more at: .

Correctional Officer Jobs In Illinois

Illinois is a state that many people overlook. However, it is one of the highest paying states for correctional officers with a mean annual income of $54,130. Illinois Department of Corrections has all of the information that you need at: Illinois Government Website . The very first step is to fill out an application. You cannot proceed any further without filling out the application. Be very thorough and make sure that everything is complete.

Once you have done this, they will contact you and tell you when you may take your test. In Illinois, all of the screening, testing, and hiring is crammed into one day at one location. You will have a few short reading comprehension questions and a few questions to test your memory. This will be reading and comprehension as well as memory and detail retention. The test is not hard, but it is designed to test your attention to detail as well as your verbal skills.

You are then given a simple physical test that checks your agility as well as your ability to follow directions. You may run a little bit, do some teamwork, and also obey basic instructions as you complete some of the exercises.

You will also be interviewed by several people before being drug tested. The interview is the basic job interview designed to let them get to know you. They will ask you about previous work experience, education, and training in order to get to know you and where you might fit in the best.

Once this is completed, you are put on a list and you receive updates when the locations you are interested in are hiring. In Illinois, most of the application process is simply waiting because you do all of your tests and interviews at once. However, the job is rewarding and it is worth the wait.

Correctional Officer Jobs In MD – Maryland

Maryland, though a small state, offers great opportunities in corrections with a mean annual wage of $42,860. Maryland is a great state to work in with good pay and plenty of opportunity, as well as a generally pleasant place to live.

To become a correctional officer in Maryland, you must begin by visiting the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Service’s website: . This site will tell you all about corrections in Maryland as well as provide you with the employment information you require.

Where To Start?

You must fill out an application and several questionnaires. The first questionnaire is a job interest questionnaire and it checks to make sure that you are matched with a good job. After that, you will fill out a biographical questionnaire and an application in order to tell them more about you. Following this will be an employment exam. This tests your knowledge and ability as well as memory and problem solving skills.

Once the written tests are complete, your background will be checked. This will be for a criminal record as well as questionable activity. They are very thorough and verify your background through the national database as well as through your references. It can take a while. Once this is done, you will be given a medical and a psychological exam. These are to verify that you are in good physical and mental health. It is important that you are in good health because the environment that a correctional officer works in can be stressful and can tax the body and the mind.

Finally, you will hurry up and wait. Maryland keeps your information and your application on file and you are then contacted about vacancies. After that you are interviewed for the job. Since vacancies vary from region to region, there is no way to tell when you may be asked in for an interview, but hang in there. The initial exams are the hardest part to get through.

Correctional Officer Jobs In NC – North Carolina

North Carolina has many opportunities for those interested in becoming a correctional officer. North Carolina employs many correctional officers with a mean annual wage of $ 31,330. One visit to this beautiful state and you will understand why so many choose to work and live there.

North Carolina offers a main site for those interested in being a correctional officer. It is: . This site will give you all of the job openings, instructions on applying, and applications. Download and fill out an application. Completing the application can take time, so be diligent and give yourself plenty of time to complete it.

Pre-Employment Testing

North Carolina has pre-employment testing. It consists of two tests. On test assesses your reading comprehension and skills while the other assesses your problems solving and judgment abilities. It is offered at one of the regional offices listed on the Department of Correction’s website.

Once this test is complete, you will be eligible to be interviewed. The interview is the basic job interview before a panel of three people. They will ask you further questions about your life, your employment history, and your background. If they choose to hire you, they will ask you to submit to a medical exam and a psychological exam.  This is the final phase of the hiring process before you are sent to training. The physical exam ensures that you can handle the everyday duties of the job while the psychological ensures that you can handle the stress and possible fatigue that hits many correctional officers. The most important part of this process is to be honest about your background and anything the psychologist may ask you. When you get to this stage in the hiring process you are almost hired.

The hiring process can vary in length depending on the number of applicants as well as budgets and hiring requirements or freezes. In other words, be patient and follow your dreams.

Correctional Officer Jobs In Florida

Many people dream of living in Florida.  The warmth and the oceans call to people across the United States. Living in Florida can become a reality for those aspiring to become a corrections officer in Florida. Florida has a mean annual wage of $39,070 for correctional officers.

Florida has a high correctional officer employment rate. In spite of many people already being correctional officers, there are still many positions available.  In order to find them you should look on the Florida Department of Correction’s job site at: . This will be your top resource for finding a correctional job in Florida, however has jobs listed by county as well.

Basic Abilities Test

Like many other states, Florida has a basic test to measure your abilities. It is called the Basic Abilities Test and it is a standardized test for all of Florida’s law enforcement personnel. It tests comprehension, problem solving, memory, and reasoning. To schedule a testing time and location go to: .

Once you have scheduled the test, fill out an application and any papers/waivers/questionnaires that go with it. All law enforcement applications are in depth, so it may take some time to complete. It will also include a waiver allowing the agency to check your background. Turn in your application and wait. Patience is essential to the correctional officer applicant. Once you have completed this you will have to pass a medical exam. This includes hearing and eyesight as well as range of motion tests and physical fitness.

After all of this is done you will be called in for an interview. It is a basic job interview and you will be asked questions about your application as well as any questionnaires you have filled out. This is a time for the agency to get to know you face to face. This is where they make the final decision. It sometimes takes a while, but do not give up until you hear from the agency.

Correctional Officer Jobs In Texas

Texas offers many opportunities to aspiring correctional officers. The best website for information and correctional officer jobs in Texas is . This will tell you what you need to do and what you need to know in order to become a Texas correctional officer.

The Screening Process

To begin with, you must do two things. You must fill out an application and pass a screening test. The completed application and your pertinent documents must be brought with you to your screening appointment. There are several locations that offer the screening, so check the website to find the one closest to you. The test consists of approximately one hundred questions to test your problem solving skills, literacy, and reading comprehension. You will be interviewed once you complete the test.

The next part of the screening includes screening applicants. This will include a psychological test, a drug test, and a physical ability test. The psychological portion of the test is to check your reactions to stress and emergencies.  The hiring agencies need to ensure that you will be able to sufficiently withstand high levels of stress in order to provide a safe environment for other officers and the inmates. The physical test is to be sure that you can handle the daily physical demands of the job that sometimes require strenuous physical effort. Applicants must be in good health and able to perform certain activities such as lifting and running. They also test the vision and hearing because these abilities are essential to the job. Texas also checks your background for felonies as felons may not be employed as a correctional officer.

While Texas seems to have an easier application process, they are just as choosy about people hired to become correctional officers. Fewer requirements does not mean that it is a shorter or easier process compared to other states.

Correctional Officer Jobs In PA Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a fabulous place to work and live. Its correctional officers bring in a mean annual salary of $47,220.  The best place to find information about Pennsylvania’s correctional officers is from the State Civil Service Commission at This one site is your main resource for testing and finding a correctional officer job.




PA Correctional Officer Test

The very first thing that you must do in order to become a Pennsylvania correctional officer is take a test. Pennsylvania’s state civil service test has over one hundred and twenty questions to test your literacy, your reading comprehension, and your judgment. It can take up to three hours to complete the test, but do not be nervous. Many bookstores in Pennsylvania sell books to help you study and practice for the test.

Next you will have a physical ability test. The purpose of the physical ability test is to ensure that you are in good health as well as physically prepared for the job. This includes monitoring blood pressure and heart rate as well as checking strength and stamina. You will also be drug tested.

If everything goes well, your potential agency will check your background. This includes a criminal check as well as a reference check. If there is anything that you are hiding, they will find out. If you are cleared through the background check you will be expected to submit to a face to face psychological evaluation. The psychologist will ensure that you do not pose risks to yourself or others and that you are stable enough to handle the stress of the job.

After you finish with your all of your testing, you will be interviewed. It is a standard job interview, and the final step to attaining a correctional officer job. It is the final step towards becoming a corrections officer. The process often takes time, but it is worth the effort you put into it.

Correctional Officer Jobs In California

California has many fantastic opportunities for correctional officers. It is a state that employs one of the highest numbers of correctional officers. California correctional officers enjoy a mean annual wage of $66,540. The hiring process can take a long time, so be patient and don’t give up.

How to get employed In California?

The first thing you must do in order to be employed as a California correctional officer is apply.  Correctional officer jobs can be found at many levels. If you want to be a correctional officer through your county, check out your county’s human resource site.  You may also want to check a site such as in order to see city, county, or state jobs.  If you choose to apply for a state correctional officer job, check out .

Each of these site should list the minimum requirements for applying. Be sure that you have references handy and all of your documents ready.

Once you have applied, you will be called in for a basic reading and writing test. This test  checks your literacy as well as listening comprehension and memory. It is not a difficult test. They just want to be sure that you have a basic understanding of what you read and write.

Next you will have a physical ability test. The purpose of the physical ability test is to ensure that you are in good health as well as physically prepared for the job. This includes monitoring blood pressure and heart rate as well as checking strength and stamina. You will also be drug tested.

If everything is favorable, you will be asked to complete a psychological questionnaire. During this time, your potential agency will be thoroughly checking your background. This includes a criminal check as well as a reference check. If there is anything that you are hiding, they will find out. If you are cleared through the background check, your psychological questionnaires will be given to a psychologist and you will be expected to submit to a face to face psychological evaluation. The psychologist will ensure that you do not pose risks to yourself or others and that you are stable enough to handle the stress of the job.

You will be given one more medical exam that is more in depth. During this one you will be asked about any health conditions and your general well-being.

After you finish with your all of your testing, you will be interviewed. It is a standard job interview, and the final step to attaining a correctional officer job. Once you have been interviewed you can only wait. It is a long and hard process, but it is designed in such a way as to choose the best officers for the job.

How To Become A Correctional Officer

Correctional officers have been in existence since the first prisoners were punished for crimes and held in jails.  It is an old and respectable profession that is not for the faint of heart. It is a profession that changes lives and protects society. It is a profession that is worth the time and effort to become.

Looking at your record

Correctional officers must past many tests in order to be hired. First and foremost is your conduct.  Most agencies will overlook a misdemeanor or two, and a few youthful indiscretions. They will not, however, overlook felonies or a pattern of bad behavior. They also frown on recent criminal activity. That does not mean that you cannot become a corrections officer if you have a small criminal record. It does mean that you will need to wait a while so that the crime is history. Essentially, you will need to pass a background check. Additionally, you must be of good moral character. Your previous employers and your references will be the key to this. Agencies do not want officers who will steal or lie, even if stealing and lying have not been put onto your criminal record. No one is perfect, but you must be trustworthy, and the agencies will be looking for this.

You need a diploma

In addition to behaving, you will need a high school diploma or a GED. The agency will provide you with the training that you need, but further education will give you an advantage. Many agencies will increase your pay grade for completing a four year degree and/or being in the military. You will also need to have a valid driver’s license. The minimum age requirement varies from state to state, but it’s generally as young as 18 years old or as old as 21 years old.

How to start the process

If you meet the above requirements and are a United States citizen, you are ready to become a corrections officer.  To begin with, gather all of your paperwork to turn in to the agency that you apply to. This is going to be a driver’s license, diploma or GED, military paperwork, college degree if you have one, social security card, and in some cases, proof of residency in that state. Once you have the paperwork together, go online and find the Department of Correction’s website for your state. This website will tell you what to do next. The next step is either to take a basic job interest quiz or to simply apply. Finish the quiz if there is one and then fill out your application. The application needs to be thorough and complete. You may have to list all of the jobs that you have held over the past ten years, as well as professional references and casual references. It helps if you have this information handy to refer to before filling out the application.

how to become a correctional officerOnce you have filled out the application you can expect to wait—a lot. Usually the next step includes a basic test that measures your reading comprehension, your problem solving skills, and your memory. After that you will have a physical and a drug test. Some agencies have more steps that require psychological testing, physical fitness testing, and more medical screening, but that varies from agency to agency. Some agencies will interview you several times, but the interview is generally the final step before being hired.

Once you are hired you will have a lot of training ahead of you. There is training at your home agency as well as training at a training facility or academy. The training at the home agency will be to introduce you to your agency’s policy and procedure as well as to introduce you to the life of a correctional officer. You will not be alone as a trainee. You should always have your trainer nearby to ensure that you are doing your job correctly. At some point, as determined by your agency and by the openings available at the training facility, you will go for long training. The long training requires you to stay many weeks—anywhere from six to twelve weeks. During this time, you will learn the basics of being a correctional officer. You will learn laws as they apply to you, first-aid and CPR, how to safely and effectively restrain an individual, how to use a gun, and much more. This part of the training is a combination of class learning and hands on learning, but once you have completed it, you will be certified by your state to be a correctional officer.

Correctional officers are usually given a full year to complete training and be released from the probationary period.  Some agencies are flexible and allow for more time, and some officers catch on much more quickly than others.  But after this, you will be fully prepared to work as a correctional officer. You will have the opportunity to change the lives of inmates and their families. The job can be stressful, but it is very rewarding to know that you gave something good back to society.

Correctional Officer Training

Once you have made the decision to become a correctional officer, you will need to be trained. However, training is something provided by the hiring agency. That means that you only have to have a high school diploma or a GED before applying. Once you have been hired, your agency will train you. The training generally happens at a centralized location that trains other correctional officers from both your agency, and other agencies across your state. You may be expected to spend the night in a hotel or dorm style housing during this time, but the training is thorough, intense, and it will teach you the basics of being a correctional officer.

How Is The Training Set Up?

The training is divided into a classroom portion and a hands-on portion that teaches physical skills. The classroom portion is generally in the style of a lecture complete with tests. This portion is going to cover legal issues and responsibility, codes and laws, the classroom portion of first-aid and CPR, and psychology and behavior.

Legal issues are one of the most areas for correctional officers. Civil rights, due process, and liability govern everything correctional officers do during their shifts. Failure to follow laws can result in serious injury, lawsuits, and even loss of jobs. Additionally, officers must know when and how to charge current inmates with breaking the law if it should happen. Training in the legal issues is one of the most intense and most confusing aspects of correctional officer training, but it is necessary to doing the job properly.

Psychology and behavior is very important to the correctional officer. The correctional officer must know which behaviors are warning flags and when to act. Inmates may have mental health issues, emotional problems, or be suicidal and the correctional officer must know what actions to take in response to concerning behavior. The classroom training for this teaches you what steps to take when you see certain behaviors as well as how to talk to upset, mentally ill, or suicidal inmates as well as how to prevent incidents of violence.

Hands-On Training

correctional officer trainingThe hands-on training includes gun skills, restraint skills, first-aid/CPR, and physical conditioning. It, too, has tests that you must pass. Physical conditioning is a basic requirement.  It ensures that you can do all of the physical aspects of the job. Your hiring agency probably already required you to pass a physical test, but training will require more physical activity. It generally includes running, push-ups, sit-ups, and lifting certain weights. The other hands-on skills all build upon this.

In addition to basic physical fitness, you will learn how to handle a weapon and also how to properly restrain someone. You will learn how to care for and fire a gun and you must meet certain requirements set by your agency.  While correctional officers generally do not have reason to use a gun, accuracy is important in case there ever comes a time when you do need it. Properly restraining someone, on the other hand, is used by a correctional officer on a regular basis. This includes using handcuffs, leg restraints, masks to keep people from spitting, and the proper use of rip-hobbles. Restraints are used for securing and transporting inmates as well as restraining them from hurting themselves or others. In addition, you will learn to properly use a baton in order to subdue an inmate with minimal force and injury.

You will also learn first-aid and CPR. First-aid and CPR are taught in both the classroom and in a hands-on manner. This portion of the training is very important because a correctional officer never knows what will happen on his or her shift.  A small fight between two inmates can result in cuts and bruises or even head injuries.  An inmate or co-worker may choke on a meal or have a heart attack. The correctional officer is going to be the first person to respond to these kinds of emergencies and must be able to handle the situation.

The training is mentally and physically intense.  However, the trainers are not out to trick you or send you home.  The trainers are there to make sure that you have the proper tools and training in order for you to do your job.  With a little bit of hard work, you will survive the training and become a full correctional officer.