Correctional Officer Jobs In California

California has many fantastic opportunities for correctional officers. It is a state that employs one of the highest numbers of correctional officers. California correctional officers enjoy a mean annual wage of $66,540. The hiring process can take a long time, so be patient and don’t give up.

How to get employed In California?

The first thing you must do in order to be employed as a California correctional officer is apply.  Correctional officer jobs can be found at many levels. If you want to be a correctional officer through your county, check out your county’s human resource site.  You may also want to check a site such as in order to see city, county, or state jobs.  If you choose to apply for a state correctional officer job, check out .

Each of these site should list the minimum requirements for applying. Be sure that you have references handy and all of your documents ready.

Once you have applied, you will be called in for a basic reading and writing test. This test  checks your literacy as well as listening comprehension and memory. It is not a difficult test. They just want to be sure that you have a basic understanding of what you read and write.

Next you will have a physical ability test. The purpose of the physical ability test is to ensure that you are in good health as well as physically prepared for the job. This includes monitoring blood pressure and heart rate as well as checking strength and stamina. You will also be drug tested.

If everything is favorable, you will be asked to complete a psychological questionnaire. During this time, your potential agency will be thoroughly checking your background. This includes a criminal check as well as a reference check. If there is anything that you are hiding, they will find out. If you are cleared through the background check, your psychological questionnaires will be given to a psychologist and you will be expected to submit to a face to face psychological evaluation. The psychologist will ensure that you do not pose risks to yourself or others and that you are stable enough to handle the stress of the job.

You will be given one more medical exam that is more in depth. During this one you will be asked about any health conditions and your general well-being.

After you finish with your all of your testing, you will be interviewed. It is a standard job interview, and the final step to attaining a correctional officer job. Once you have been interviewed you can only wait. It is a long and hard process, but it is designed in such a way as to choose the best officers for the job.

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