Correctional Officer Jobs In Florida

Many people dream of living in Florida.  The warmth and the oceans call to people across the United States. Living in Florida can become a reality for those aspiring to become a corrections officer in Florida. Florida has a mean annual wage of $39,070 for correctional officers.

Florida has a high correctional officer employment rate. In spite of many people already being correctional officers, there are still many positions available.  In order to find them you should look on the Florida Department of Correction’s job site at: . This will be your top resource for finding a correctional job in Florida, however has jobs listed by county as well.

Basic Abilities Test

Like many other states, Florida has a basic test to measure your abilities. It is called the Basic Abilities Test and it is a standardized test for all of Florida’s law enforcement personnel. It tests comprehension, problem solving, memory, and reasoning. To schedule a testing time and location go to: .

Once you have scheduled the test, fill out an application and any papers/waivers/questionnaires that go with it. All law enforcement applications are in depth, so it may take some time to complete. It will also include a waiver allowing the agency to check your background. Turn in your application and wait. Patience is essential to the correctional officer applicant. Once you have completed this you will have to pass a medical exam. This includes hearing and eyesight as well as range of motion tests and physical fitness.

After all of this is done you will be called in for an interview. It is a basic job interview and you will be asked questions about your application as well as any questionnaires you have filled out. This is a time for the agency to get to know you face to face. This is where they make the final decision. It sometimes takes a while, but do not give up until you hear from the agency.

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