Correctional Officer Jobs In GA – Georgia

Georgia offers some good opportunities for anyone interested in being a correctional officer. Georgia offers an annual average correctional officer wage of $30,390. You must begin by submitting an application and taking the basic test with the Georgia Department of Corrections.

How to apply?

In order to apply, you must take a basic test with the GA department of corrections. You may set up a testing time by calling the GDC Job Information Line at 1-888 -343-JOBS. Atlanta area resident s, please call (404 ) 656-4593, or go to . Sign up for a testing time with the Department of corrections and fill out the application. The application is very thorough, so do not save it until the last minute. Finish it completely as soon as possible. Make sure that you have several good references and that you disclose any pertinent information up front.

Additional Checks

In addition to this test, you will be drug tested and submit to a background check. The background check is very thorough. It checks most, if not all, of your previous employment history as well as contacts all of your references.

The Interview

Once you take the test, you have to wait for an interview time. The interview is your standard job interview. You are questioned about your work experience, your work ethics, and your life by a panel of people who are involved in the decision making process.

After that, you will just wait. Once the initial interview is over, your information is sent to various correctional facilities. You will then be contacted for further interviews with people who work in the actual facilities. This is to be sure that you end up in the right work environment with the right people. The process can take a while. You may be interviewed by several correctional facilities before you find the right job, but be patient. The hardest part is the wait.

For further job openings in Georgia, search the Department of Labor website: . You may visit the Georgia Department of Correction’s website to learn more at: .

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