Correctional Officer Jobs In NC – North Carolina

North Carolina has many opportunities for those interested in becoming a correctional officer. North Carolina employs many correctional officers with a mean annual wage of $ 31,330. One visit to this beautiful state and you will understand why so many choose to work and live there.

North Carolina offers a main site for those interested in being a correctional officer. It is: . This site will give you all of the job openings, instructions on applying, and applications. Download and fill out an application. Completing the application can take time, so be diligent and give yourself plenty of time to complete it.

Pre-Employment Testing

North Carolina has pre-employment testing. It consists of two tests. On test assesses your reading comprehension and skills while the other assesses your problems solving and judgment abilities. It is offered at one of the regional offices listed on the Department of Correction’s website.

Once this test is complete, you will be eligible to be interviewed. The interview is the basic job interview before a panel of three people. They will ask you further questions about your life, your employment history, and your background. If they choose to hire you, they will ask you to submit to a medical exam and a psychological exam.  This is the final phase of the hiring process before you are sent to training. The physical exam ensures that you can handle the everyday duties of the job while the psychological ensures that you can handle the stress and possible fatigue that hits many correctional officers. The most important part of this process is to be honest about your background and anything the psychologist may ask you. When you get to this stage in the hiring process you are almost hired.

The hiring process can vary in length depending on the number of applicants as well as budgets and hiring requirements or freezes. In other words, be patient and follow your dreams.

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