Correctional Officer Jobs In PA Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a fabulous place to work and live. Its correctional officers bring in a mean annual salary of $47,220.  The best place to find information about Pennsylvania’s correctional officers is from the State Civil Service Commission at This one site is your main resource for testing and finding a correctional officer job.




PA Correctional Officer Test

The very first thing that you must do in order to become a Pennsylvania correctional officer is take a test. Pennsylvania’s state civil service test has over one hundred and twenty questions to test your literacy, your reading comprehension, and your judgment. It can take up to three hours to complete the test, but do not be nervous. Many bookstores in Pennsylvania sell books to help you study and practice for the test.

Next you will have a physical ability test. The purpose of the physical ability test is to ensure that you are in good health as well as physically prepared for the job. This includes monitoring blood pressure and heart rate as well as checking strength and stamina. You will also be drug tested.

If everything goes well, your potential agency will check your background. This includes a criminal check as well as a reference check. If there is anything that you are hiding, they will find out. If you are cleared through the background check you will be expected to submit to a face to face psychological evaluation. The psychologist will ensure that you do not pose risks to yourself or others and that you are stable enough to handle the stress of the job.

After you finish with your all of your testing, you will be interviewed. It is a standard job interview, and the final step to attaining a correctional officer job. It is the final step towards becoming a corrections officer. The process often takes time, but it is worth the effort you put into it.

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