Correctional Officer Jobs In Texas

Texas offers many opportunities to aspiring correctional officers. The best website for information and correctional officer jobs in Texas is . This will tell you what you need to do and what you need to know in order to become a Texas correctional officer.

The Screening Process

To begin with, you must do two things. You must fill out an application and pass a screening test. The completed application and your pertinent documents must be brought with you to your screening appointment. There are several locations that offer the screening, so check the website to find the one closest to you. The test consists of approximately one hundred questions to test your problem solving skills, literacy, and reading comprehension. You will be interviewed once you complete the test.

The next part of the screening includes screening applicants. This will include a psychological test, a drug test, and a physical ability test. The psychological portion of the test is to check your reactions to stress and emergencies.  The hiring agencies need to ensure that you will be able to sufficiently withstand high levels of stress in order to provide a safe environment for other officers and the inmates. The physical test is to be sure that you can handle the daily physical demands of the job that sometimes require strenuous physical effort. Applicants must be in good health and able to perform certain activities such as lifting and running. They also test the vision and hearing because these abilities are essential to the job. Texas also checks your background for felonies as felons may not be employed as a correctional officer.

While Texas seems to have an easier application process, they are just as choosy about people hired to become correctional officers. Fewer requirements does not mean that it is a shorter or easier process compared to other states.

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